We are grateful to Nia Peeples for opening her heart and sharing her story. Many of you have shared how you have been touched, and we will continue to update you on Nia’s faith journey. It is a gift to be able to give some very special wearable blessings that Nia carried with her on this journey to the Sea of Galilea. It is our prayer that they will accompany you on your own journey. Don’t forget to share your story

Nia Peeples Magdala Bracelet My Saint My Hero Giveaway

I once asked a Spiritual Guide from Israel what was so significant about the Sea of Galilee. His response? “This is where all the prayers on Earth ascend to the Heavens.” Then he gave me instructions to say my prayers and set my intentions, duck my head into the water three times, then swim in the sea underwater with my eyes open. The journey these bracelets have taken is extraordinary. Inspired by the ancient symbol on an altar in Magdala, created by a weaving of thread and prayer in Medjugorje and Los Angeles then carried back to Magdala and the Sea of Galilee for a final prayer and a swim in the Sea where it is said that all of our prayers ascend. My prayer for you? That you know and embody the love that is you, your true design.

I’m so excited for you to have the chance to enter to win these blessed bracelets before they’re available to the public. There will be 8 lucky winners – best of luck! – Nia ** THIS CONTEST IS OVER AND WINNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED**

While the bracelets are not available yet, you can still experience the Magdalena Medallion.

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Nia Peeples Magdala Bracelet My Saint My Hero Giveaway

Each of us is on our own journey as we walk this earth. Our goal is to find the path that leads us to perfect union with God and we are thankful for the saints who have gone before us to show the way. They exemplify the beauty of the diversity with which God has a personal relationship with each one of us. He knows how to meet us exactly where we are in every moment of our lives and we are grateful to those like Nia who are open to sharing their story.
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“Lord, help me to simplify my life by learning what you want me to be and becoming that person.” St. Thérèse of Lisieux

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