“Like Jesus we belong to the world living not for ourselves but for others. The Joy of the Lord is our strength.”

-Blessed Mother Teresa


Hi there! I hope your having a wonderful Sunday. I picked todays quote not only because I am over the moon that Blessed Mother Teresa is going to be a Saint in just a few months or that she is my name sake, but because she was an amazing women who truly understood how to be the face of Christ. The love of Christ, and abundant Mercy that she was able to show to numerous people who did not feel it from others in their community is truly inspiring.

Today’s readings are about serving, and not just serving yourself but the Church. Simon Peter sees Christ on the shore after a night of fishing, and a bit of disappointment since they were unable to catch any fish, making their morning far from joyful. It might have taken Simon Peter a moment to recognize that it was Christ walking along the shore, but when he did he jumped into the water and ran to him, full of joy. Similar to the way that we should be running to serve any and everyone; the poor man asking for some money to eat, the disabled who really just wants to know that they are important, the little child who just needs a smile, the mother who lost her son, a brother or sister in Christ who just needs someone with an open heart to listen. Everyone is broken and if as a community we choose to serve everyone in the way that they need, we can make a change. The community will radiate the joy of heaven here on earth, leading us all closer to salvation.

As I was writing this post I was sent a reminder that today is Good Deed Sunday, giggled and was reminded that God really shows us joy when we are serving him, but most of all because I had picked a quote from someone who lived a life of good deeds. This week I challenge you to take the time to serve someone that you would not usually serve.


Blessed Mother Teresa… Pray for us.


Blessed Mother Teresa

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