My Saint My Hero World Meeting of Families 2015

In order to prepare our hearts for the World Meeting of Families and the anticipated visit from Pope Francis to the United States, we as a team are reflecting on a catechism on family life entitled, Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive. Each week we will reflect on one chapter from this catechism. You can learn more about the World Meeting of Families at

WEEK 5: Two Become One– Reflection by: Jackie DeLuca

“God only gives you what you can handle.” That saying can be somewhat of a bitter pill to swallow.

As a young, married couple, it was our dream to be parents. We couldn’t wait to have children. We couldn’t wait to hold babies in our arms and love them. We couldn’t wait to see how they looked. We couldn’t wait to teach them to walk, talk and pray. We couldn’t wait for the first day of kindergarten.

After nearly 8 years of marriage, we had still not been able to start our family. We had been unsuccessful in conceiving a child. We were heartbroken and almost to the point of giving up. Why was this happening to us? We were a healthy, faith-filled, young couple with so much to give and share with a child. We prayed and prayed to be able to start our family.

We made the decision to pursue adoption as a means of building our family. We met with attorneys, attended classes and paid retainer fees to begin our process. God definitely had a different plan in mind. A mere five weeks after we began this process, we brought home our first miracle baby! It felt so surreal and the emotions were running high. We were parents!

When our son was 3 years old, I became pregnant. Nine months later, I gave birth to our second miracle baby! Once again, God worked His wondrous deeds. Our family was complete. Our babies were in love with each other, and we were madly in love with them.

While adoption means that children entered the family in a different way than by being born into the family, being part of a family is the same – parents and children love each other deeply. All children are gifts from God. Parenthood is a vow unlike any other I’ve had to give or will ever give to another person in my life.

Take life as it comes and know there is a plan for you. Never give up hope. You have to stay with it and stay strong. We all need strength and help from God, family, parish and friends. Keep the faith.



Jackie DeLuca is Customer Service Manager and Trade Show Coordinator for My Saint My Hero. She has been a part of My Saint My Hero since 2009. She has been married to her high-school sweetheart, John, for 31 years, and they have two children: 23 year old Nicholas, and 19 year old Christina. Jackie was also adopted as an infant.

Her favorite saint is St. Francis of Assisi. Her favorite My Saint My Hero piece is the Benedictine Blessing Bracelet.


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