January 24 Sunday Blessings My Saint My Hero WallpaperWe chose this week’s lock screen quote, which in so many ways ties into today’s gospel, in honor of this weekend’s focus on the fight against abortion and defending life from the moment of conception to natural death. We are one body, one body in Christ. We are here on earth trying to make a world to be as it is in heaven.  Through one spirit we have all been baptized as one body, not a single part.

Something that I have really focused on in the last few months is acknowledging someone’s gifts. Each of us have different gifts, as stated in the first reading from St. Paul,  and together is how we can accomplish great things. When I am frustrated because I have to explain something that may be simple to me, but not to someone else, I take a step back and remind myself of their gifts and that it may be my gift but it may not be theirs. Taking a step back and really looking at situations with that view, has truly helped me act with a lot more charity in my life. Our COO, Thomas, often tells me, “Teresa be like St. Paul” – I looked at him like he was crazy… first of all St. Paul? Umm who is he? Yes, I know he’s a Saint. Then of course a few minutes on Google, and I understood what he meant… Be all things to all people, meet them where they’re at. It may take quite a bit to meet someone where they are, but that’s when being compassionate and having mercy can help you.

If you know what God’s will is for your life, how does it affect the “one body”? As I mentioned above, we are each here to make a world to be as it is in heaven and the way we are are going to do that is to allow God to draw the map for our lives since each of us is a part of the story of salvation.

This week’s challenge from Ascend

Write out your hopes and plans, and offer them to God. I would like to suggest you take the time, go to Adoration offer him these hopes and plans, and during your prayer do not forget to say “Lord, may your will be done.”

I hope everyone had a wonderful time seeing, participating, and praying for life this weekend. I can’t wait to share all about One Life LA, the Students for Life conference, and Matt Maher’s concert! Share below about how you defended life this weekend!


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