On All Saint’s Day I was able to attend mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels and received a beautiful blessing from Archbishop José Gomez as he had just returned from three weeks in Rome with Pope Francis. His message that day resonated with our mission at My Saint My Hero as he reminded us that we are ALL called to be saints and that the call to holiness is just the faithfulness of doing the ordinary things in our lives with love.

But I want to go back a few weeks and share something that impacted me even more about my call to be a saint. I was praying with a friend and right in the middle of the prayer she stopped me and said with conviction, “Christine, we are going to be saints!” That one phrase changed how I make every decision in my life. That one statement made me truly understand that it was not only a possibility that I COULD be a saint, but that I AM going to be a saint… and if I AM going to be a saint then everything I do and say needs to reflect that.

I am here to tell all of you today…. We ARE going to be saints! It is our prayer today that every person that you share The Gift of a Blessing with will come to know this.

In Christ,
Christine Rich

On November 1st, the Feast of All Saints, the Magnificat shared Pope Benedict XVI’s reflection on the saints.

May we remember this as we carry out the mission of My Saint My Hero by becoming what we were created to be – a saint!

To become saints means to fulfill completely what we already are, raised to the dignity of God’s adopted children in Christ Jesus… The saints bring to light in creative fashion quite new human potentialities… The saints are themselves the living spaces into which one can turn… There is no isolation in heaven. It is the open society of the saints and, consequently, also the fulfillment of all human togetherness… One might say that the saints are, so to speak, new Christian constellations, in which the richness of God’s goodness is reflected. Their light, coming from God, enables us to know better the interior richness of God’s great light… Nothing can bring us into close contact with the beauty of Christ himself other than the world of beauty created by faith and light that shines out from the faces of the saints, through whom his own light becomes visible. – Pope Benedict XVIArchbishop Gomez, Christine Rich, Amy D'Ambra

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