On this Good Shepherd Sunday we welcome and thank our guest blogger Kristy Floyd.


I’ll never forget that day five short years ago when a man came along my dirt road hauling a little stock trailer full of five Southdown sheep…. I was so excited to finally meet these beautiful creatures that I had so longed for. As these fluffy smiling beauties emerged they began to “baaaaaaa” and instinctually I “baaaaaaaaaed” back at them! I was so happy because until that point it hadn’t occurred to me that there would be a new sound on my farm.

I read a few amazing articles about sheep, I remember learning and reading everything I possibly could about these docile animals, I was so desperate to be the best sheep owner. It wasn’t until later that I really learned what it meant to keep sheep, they say sheep are born looking for a place to die and I have found that to be heartbreakingly true. Sheep have to have a Shepherd and as these days turned into years I have seen glimpses of why God chose to liken us to sheep and Him as our good Shepherd.

You see sheep have a distinct language that they use to communicate with each other, momma to baby as well as sheep to shepherd. A momma will have a specific baa just for her baby and a baby just for momma, they know each other by sound first. What I later came to realize was those first excited baaaaaaas I made to my sheep established our language with each other and to this day when I baaaa at my flock they baaaa back at me and me alone. I am their shepherd and if I call out to them and they don’t answer me I know that they have strayed past the safety of my voice and I go looking for them. I continue to keep calling out to them until I hear them call back. I cannot even begin to express to you the joy in my heart when I call out and they hear me, and they know me, and they respond and follow me…..

I am eternally grateful for this continuous season of being both the lost sheep and the shepherdess. It’s humbling to serve a God so personal and so detailed in meeting us right where we are at. May we never stray pass the boundaries of His voice.

My Sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.
John 10:27

The Good Shepherdess - Mulberry FarmsEveryday Farm Girl,
Kristy Floyd
Mulberry Farmers Market Coordinator

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