As we begin to focus on the spirit of Lent, My Saint My Hero invites you to prepare your heart for this upcoming time of renewal.  It doesn’t take much time, simply desire and attention.  Imagine the transformation he is waiting to give us, beginning with opening our hearts to receive his love!  Starting Ash Wednesday, February 18th, please join us as we begin the 40 Day Prayer Pledge.

The 40 Day Prayer Pledge combines selected Scripture and written reflections by Father John Bartunek, L.C.  The introduction by Father Bartunek describes Christian prayer as a conversation with God. This ongoing conversation gives us a chance to know God better.  It also gives God a chance to touch our souls with His grace.

After giving the The Prayer Pledge to my dear friend, Caragh, she sent this inspired message, “..The prayer booklet speaks to me at times when the path is difficult and when the fog rolls in and I am not sure which path to take.  I feel as if this was one of the most wonderful gifts…”.

We hope you’ll commit and connect with us on this 40 day journey to experience His love and follow Him more deeply.  Let’s choose to make a difference in ourselves and others through our relationship with God.

My Saint My Hero’s 40 Day Prayer Pledge is available to order from our website!  We welcome you to share any discoveries revealed to you through prayer during your 40 days!

My Saint My Hero 40 Day Prayer Pledge Booklet



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