Today we celebrate the Transfiguration of the Lord. It is explained to be the moment when Jesus reveals Himself  but all that can be seen is a bright radiant light, it reminds me of various scenes in TV shows when someone is dreaming about Heaven. I think it’s amazing to understand that we may not always see God in everything because we are blinded by something else, but that He is there and truly the best place to see Him is by spending time with Him.

Our wallpaper for the week is a reminder that He is the guide of our life, and the true radiant star. If we each choose to be a radiant star for Christ, then we can make a difference and put a smile on one more person’s face each day.

He is our radiant star. - mysaintmyhero.comThis week I challenge you to stop and really be present in the moment, give the person in front of you all of your attention, because in the end we are all leading each other to holiness.





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