Today, November 1st, All Saints Day, honors the significance and beauty of the saints. Saints were real people whose union with God gave them the strength and conviction to follow their truths. Their unfaltering beliefs allowed them to accomplish miracles on this earth.

They embraced the love and faith in God and they allowed their faith to flourish through their actions. We too can look on this day and the saints as inspired effective workers who were dedicated in their faith to live out and use their God given gifts to touch the lives of others and glorify God.

My Saint My Hero celebrates this day at the heart of their mission and work to remind people that saints are true heroes and we can choose to live according to what God wants us to live.

Be inspired by the example of the saints lives and check out the “Saints and Angels” page under the “Be Inspired” tab right here on the My Saint My Hero website!

Do not be afraid to be the Saints of the New Millennium, become who you are and you will set the world on fire.”   Pope John Paul II


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