Your love Never Fails… it never gives up… and on and on and on it goes….

In death and life His love is quite apparent… This last week Amy shared the story about a funeral that we attended as one family. It was awful to sit there. I never had the chance to meet him, but I surely felt like I knew him. His mom would talk about him almost every day at work and tell me the stories about what her sons were up to in college, which always made me miss college more and more. Yes, I’m only three years (wait where has the time gone) out of school, but it sure doesn’t feel that long. He was actually supposed to come to the office the week that he passed to meet all our new team members since his last and to see how much we have grown, but God had greater plans.

Our Heavenly Father is so so so great and continues to be great in times of hurt, anger and despair. Last week’s Gospel reminded us of that. In Mass last Sunday the priest who presided the mass I attended talked about Christ being a much kinder man than he could ever be. He talked about how even that morning when the men caught all the fish, He looked at Peter who had already denied Him and welcomed him into His arms.

This Sunday, the Gospel continues to talk about the love of God – but more importantly how we live out our “YES” to Christ. Living out your “yes” can be harder that we think. It requires much time, energy and may even isolate you from others. A specific girl who is a high school student and a huge part of my life comes to mind. This last week she was picking which university she was going to attend in the fall and the icing on the cake came in a not so pleasant way. She rocked it. I looked at her later that night in the car, chuckled and said, “Well you have been asking God to show you the answer.” She then paused, chuckled and said, “Yeah, I have been.” The university she picked is going to be so lucky to have her, but also she is going to be able to live out her “yes” every day surrounded by others who support her.

This week take some time to listen to all of those voices that are in your life and think about which ones are really leading you closer to Christ and allowing you to live out your YES. If they have polluted your heart, purify it again and allow Christ’s  never failing love to hold you and surround you. May He renew your YES.


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