Today was a beautiful day!  We came together as a company to pray the Stations of the Cross outside at St John Fisher Church in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.  It may appear that we spend more time praying together then working at our desks.  The irony is astonishing – you could say our work time effectiveness increases as we spend more time in prayer.  My Saint My Hero is about “blessings” and we work under the gracious power of prayer.  Prayer inspires us deeply, knowing our greater mission is to share the healing love of God with all.  We need to fill ourselves with knowledge and the compassionate understanding of God working and united with us in our lives so that we can work from a loving place in our hearts.

The Stations of the Cross provide a beautiful way to contemplate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. In almost every Catholic Church there are 14 plaques that line the side walls of the Church, each church providing a different artistic representation of the same 14 events that occurred during Jesus’ suffering and walk to His final death and crucifixion. I love the stations because it involves imagination, emotion and leads to such gratitude as I reflect on the experience of Christ. Each station gives deep meaning to individuals he encountered on his path and to his suffering. There is an amazing feeling of being present on His path with Him and I feel consoled knowing the deep love he had for humanity and for me. He overcame death by His resurrection and he promises us eternal life with him. Walking the Stations of the Cross allows an intimate loving experience – one that prepares us for the joy of Easter.

St. Lawrence Martyr Catholic Church in Redondo Beach, California has a wonderful Live Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, 4/3 1:30pm.
Have you attended a Live Stations of the Cross that inspired you or do you know of an upcoming one you’d like us to share?My Saint My Hero Stations of the Cross St. John Fisher

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