Padre Pio (1887 – 1968) walked humbly in union with God leading many to follow Christ.  I love one of his quotes, ‘Under the cross we learn to love and surrender’.

I was blessed to recently visit the Padre Pio Shrine in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy with my family…Saint Padre Pio’s amazingly preserved body is exposed in the sanctuary for all to venerate.  When I was sitting in the chapel with him I truly felt like we met him.  All can feel his warm love and solid confidence in Christ. Through our Blessed Mother he walked into the arms of Christ and allowed Him to embody him.  God gave him the stigmata as an outward sign that it is possible to walk in full union.  St. Francis before him bore the same stigmata.

With Love and prayers,  Amy

My Saint My Hero strives to impart this devotion to Christ by following a path of goodness and prayer through their line of faith jewelry.

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