Miss BlancaFamily TraditionsMy Saint My Hero is a wonderfully unique company  — we gather in prayer daily, we invite friends and welcome the community to gather with us, it is part of our workday!  It is the essence of My Saint My Hero — it’s a prayerful tradition.   After our prayer gathering we asked coworkers to share any special Holiday traditions.  Today we highlight our lovely Blanca.  Her tradition is steeped in the memories of her childhood in Mexico with her grandmother.  Long since she has moved to the United States, she now takes time to remind her children of the true meaning of Christmas through her tradition and talents, Blanca tells us:

Each year on December 24th at midnight we sing and pray to the Baby Jesus while the youngest cradles the Baby.  Each of my children will be able to hold the Baby for 3 years on Christmas eve.  I knit the infant Jesus a new dress every year.  When Christmas passes I display the Baby Jesus in my home all year long.  I continue this custom to show my kids the importance of the family they came from and to instill this tradition within them.  I love Baby Jesus and by knitting His dress I remind my children of the true meaning of Christmas – recognizing our King is born!… and Santa Claus is the Mailman for Christmas presents!


Thank you Blanca for sharing your joyful tradition that keeps the truth of our Savior’s birth at the heart of your Christmas celebration!


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