Few moments happen in life where we feel there is truly an actual guiding presence in our midst.  For me, this “Mary Moment” happened through me and I am convinced Mary was with me and led this particular interaction to occur.  On a sunny morning in January, I left the house with several My Saint My Hero necklaces on — I couldn’t decide on just one!!   Later on that day, I ran into a friend who I had not seen for a while and I inquired how things were going.  She began to share some sad trials and tribulations of what she was experiencing and as she talked (and I cried) she simultaneously reached for one of my necklaces which happened to be the Blessed Mother Mary.  She commented on how beautiful it was and loved it.  I felt a huge comfort as I took off my necklace and said to my friend that she needed to have it.  Her face lit up as I shared this “gift” with her and she immediately seemed peaceful and happy.  Later that night, she text messaged me that her outlook already seemed better and she attributed it to wearing the necklace.  Weeks later, she relayed to me that things had been so much better since we had run into each other and she was convinced Mary had been put in her life to help her through a very hard time.  I felt a huge sense of joy knowing that Mary had used me that day to work her way into my friend’s life.  She needed her deeply and has remained with her each day since that time.

My friend wears our Blessed Mother Mary bronze bead ball necklace as a reminder that she is not alone and she will find the strength she needs to endure each day.

Marisa M., a Sales Rep for My Saint My Hero, is inspired daily through her work with MSMH.

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