“Let our song be Your praises, to show You how much we love and adore You, how much we are here to be Your hands and feet”

My Saint My Hero Lenten PlaylistCLICK HERE to listen to a playlist to walk with you this Lent. I compiled this playlist with songs from some of our favorite artists and friends. I hope that each of these songs will help you on your journey this Lent.

Last week I mentioned that my goal to frequent the gym more wasn’t going as well as I hoped… but I thought I would tell y’all so far I’m 4 for 4 this week. That being said, my time has been a bit more limited outside of the office.

Since that’s the case, I started to use my time at the gym to pray. 5am is quite early and as I sprint my way to consciousness I use these songs to help me form my prayers. Each time I hear this playlist something new stands out to me and I take it as my little message from God for the morning. 

If you have any song suggestions please comment below! Please keep us in your prayers today, we have our official grand opening of our flagship store, I will tell you more next week. 


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