Jesus sets us free from our old lives, habits and sin… Leave it all behind and follow him.


This past Sunday’s readings challenge each of us just as much as the disciples. When Jesus asks them to go with Him they all wanted to go say “goodbye” to someone or take care of something. This reading is a perfect example that we all need to drop in, even if the time isn’t right for us, because we don’t know the plans He has for us. If we fear the plans He has for our lives, we are not living as a faithful servant. This is something in the last year I have learned a lot about.

I mentioned it here before that this last year has been a huge transformation for myself. I have always been the “church girl”  and after a while of not feeling fed at Mass I fell away, but I was never gone. I would go to Mass on Sunday – sometimes – but I didn’t have the longing for Him like I did in high school. Then life got a bit crazy – I got consumed by the material, physical, and emotional lies that society pushes on all of us. I was doing a great job of painting a perfect life from the outside, but internally I was broken. Coming to work for My Saint My Hero was God extending His hand asking me to follow Him – and it really was a “come now, no I can’t wait”. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, other than knowing I just left an extremely toxic work environment, went on vacation and almost didn’t come home and then I was living in a dream. Here’s the story… and just another example of how business is done differently at My Saint My Hero.

I graduated from USC in May of 2012 and I was living the good life. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the real world, or what I was really going to do with my life, other than I was going to Europe and had a job lined up in the insurance industry. Other than that, it was all going to be a day by day adventure. By October, I knew I was not a fan of what I was doing. I was working in an industry that was “dog eat dog” and I could probably sell ice to an igloo builder – but I was miserable. I definitely learned a lot. I can look at an insurance policy and confidently tell you if you are over or under insured, what kind of life insurance is going to fit your needs, and all about your car loan. It was clock work – I made about 200 cold calls a day. The days typically ended with me on the phone crying while sitting on the 405 for 45 minutes. I kept holding on hoping it would get better, but I was angry. The holidays were around the corner and the side of the family I usually spent holidays with was in Oregon, they were not an hour away anymore. I was about to leave for vacation to be in Oregon for the first time with the thought that I might just fall in love and never come back to So Cal. After being there, my Aunt forced me on the plane home and told me to figure life out with the “you can always come back, but go home to figure some stuff out, and it will all work out”. With massive tears in my eyes I walked in the airport, got on the plane home and walked one day at a time. A few days later I saw Christine at the USC vs Notre Dame game and offered to help babysit during the holidays if necessary. Little did I know God had a greater plan. I went down to San Diego to see my boyfriend at the the time and on the way home I got a text from Christine “Hi, so I know you offered to babysit, but would you like to come intern for me until you find your new job?”  I responded, “Yes! I would love to, when would you like me to start?”  An hour and a half later I was in her office meeting everyone for the internship that started the next morning at 9:30am. The rest has been a crazy adventure.

It is all very similar to when Christ asks His followers to come now. If I wouldn’t have said yes and been ready to dive in head first, I possibly would have lost the chance to serve this mission and be an active participant of creating a community of prayer.  So I challenge you, to drop in, take a nudge from the man upstairs and follow Him. Take all your brokenness, shame, anger and hurt with you. Let Him guide you and follow the plans He has for your life. His are grander than anything we could think of down here.

Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July.


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