The image of our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas, radiates such holiness and beauty.  Juan Diego was, no doubt, in utter awe and humility to be in the presence of such magnificence!  Artists renderings are so spectacular, but to witness – what a glorious sight! December 12th celebrates Our Lady’s visit to a small village in Mexico where she appeared to Juan Diego requesting him to build a church.  Knowing he would be met with disbelief he is given roses from Her mantle as proof that he truly met the Virgin Mary.

At the location where they met now stands a basilica built in 1976.  Millions of pilgrims have visited the site where the tilma (or cloak) Juan Diego was wearing hangs perfectly preserved with an image of the Virgin Mary.

My Saint My Hero commemorates Our Lady of Guadalupe with a “Grace” necklace sharing the message,  “…I will hear the weeping and sorrows of those who love me, cry to me, and have confidence in me, and I will give them consolation and relief.”

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