Has there ever been a time in your life when you feel that something is too huge or too miraculous to ask God to heal? This past week’s readings were a great reminder that there is nothing too big to ask our Father for. In the Gospel last Sunday the widow’s son was brought back to life. Something that would seem way too large for God to heal, but if anyone could heal it, He is the one who would be able to heal the family and bring the son back to life.

I think that this Gospel is very relatable to each and every one of us. I can list a handful of things that I think are too large to ask God to heal. When I was in Arizona in March for the Blessed is She retreat I had a great conversation with an amazing priest who challenged me to ask God to heal me. He told me to allow myself to turn that handful of things that are “too big” for me over to God to fix. God has continued to amaze me and remind me that I am a daughter of a King who is abundant with His merciful and healing ways.

I challenge you this week, to offer one of those “huge” troubles up to Christ. Below is one of my favorite songs, I actually have this quote hanging next to my desk at the office as a reminder to allow Christ to lead my life.


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