We are just a few days from Ash Wednesday- the start of when we take time to reflect on Jesus’ public ministry.

What better way then to start Lent with these readings? The reminder that God called the imperfect to serve Him. We are all called, perfect or not, to serve Him. We cannot fully serve Him until we are ready to give ourselves fully to Him and let Him guide our life. In today’s Gospel the fishermen had to be physically shown what Jesus Christ is capable of. Today I challenge you to allow Jesus Christ to work, without having to prove Himself to you first. This lent take the risk to get to know Him and keep in mind that our sins are what put Him on the cross. Surrender all you have and He will provide for you.

This week I challenge you to allow him to be in control  and when you feel you are not in control say this prayer:

“I trust you and leave all that I have to follow you…Amen.”

Comment below and tell me how Jesus Christ has worked in your life when you allow Him to be in control.

TeresaHere I am Lord... send me, Isaiah 6:8


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