Heart of Mary Women's FellowshipImagine sitting down with your favorite girlfriends for coffee, bible study, and fellowship. Now imagine getting the chance to do this each and every day! In today’s world constraints on our time, logistics, work, family, obligations all pull us in different directions. Heart of Mary Catholic Women’s Fellowship offers us a way to find time for ourselves, to find the joy in the journey through words and messages in which we can all understand and relate.

We’re here for you at 5 am before work; 1 pm in-between your classes; 9 pm after the kids go to bed and the dishes are washed (or not); or even 2:30 am when you cant sleep. This is a place for you. This is a place where you can encounter our Great Lord in His word.

Heart of Mary is a collaboration of amazing faith filled women from across the country, contributing their talents and sharing their love.

At Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship, we are a Catholic online site founded on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. We believe in every doctrine that the Church teaches and attempt to become better Catholic women in our daily lives; through participating in the Mass and sacraments of the Catholic Church, continued learning of our faith, and attempting to love all those around us.

We are women. Struggling women, who try our best to be our best: both for the Lord and our families + friends. The world is so LOUD and God’s voice so quiet. We sought a community of like minded women who strive to be better Catholics and to also better understand what being a Catholic means.

My Saint My Hero is so pleased to share their passion and be encouraged by their mission. Please take the time to visit their website and learn more heartofmarywf.com

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