As I read about St. Francis of Assisi, a new spark of peace and joy overcame me. The way I see and experience beauty around me has altered. St. Francis cared deeply for animals, contemplating God’s creation in each of them. He recognized the Lord’s love-driven creativity in all things, all creatures great and small. Reflecting on St. Francis’ gift of personally connecting with his creator through the beauty of creation has inspired me to do the same. Now, truly, as I admire the beauty of a sunset or the life within my dog, it is an intimate experience. I now see that God is revealing himself to me a personal way. His beauty is a gift to me, He’s inviting me to know Him, be with Him, and love Him back. His beauty is a message.  Dear Lord, thank you for surrounding us with your creation. I  pray to continue to see and know the intention of your beauty shine through as love. Let us be unified in your love within all. Amen

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