Behold, Christ is born!

As a newborn baby, He comes defenseless and in need. In vulnerability, He draws us close, inviting us to serve and revere Him – fully man, fully God. He does not force us to gaze upon Him, but rather, He comes in the most humble form. He calls on us to glorify a helpless child. Our Savior does not boast, but His power is so evident in the way He brings those who love Him together.

Our King is here! His radiant light illuminates everything  – a symbol of the message of love and peace Jesus will bring to the entire world.

Today let us be grateful and share in this Christmas celebration with friends and family from a deep knowing that we are loved and have been given His promise of eternal life. May we all be witnesses to His Love and Light!

My Saint My Hero wishes you all a very Merry Christmas filled with love and blessings!  May the love and peace that was born be your King today, and for all days ahead.

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