Heart of Mary - Queen of Heaven by Sacred Icon ImagesBE open to the miracles which God wants to give. Sometimes the signs given to us are great, and sometimes they are small. Interpreting them is left to grace, the Holy Spirit, and often a well-formed conscience combined with the gifts of discernment (both capital and lower case ‘D’.) Discernment means uncovering the 3 faces of God (Truth, Goodness, and Beauty) and gut checking with God, ourselves, and others.

Today is a feast of GREAT magnitude…on par with perhaps the beginning of the Universe, or the Birth of the God man. Today, the Church celebrates the tradition (dating back to the Old Testament prophecies, as well as woven throughout the birth and growth of Christianity) that God took one of His creatures and raised her to a level above ALL other things created – crowning her and giving her authority over ALL creation while still completely united to Him.

Who is Mary? A young girl, a pure virgin, who when asked to partake in the greatness of God’s plan replied with a resounding “yes!” Her life gave testimony to God (GOD is REAL,) His great love (LOVE HEALS,) and through her we find a Mediatrix for ALL our prayers (PRAYER WORKS.)

Last week we celebrated the power of a heart SO united to that of her Son, that she was assumed into heaven to reunite with HIM at the end of her life. Today we celebrate how God delights in each of us and when we accept his plan – He does great things through us.

Here at My Saint My Hero, this past year has been dedicated to Our Lady, crowned Queen of the Universe. Each one of us has been asked to partake in this particular work of God in order to share the particular divine light in ourselves with every soul.

Like Mary, we can be the most simple and innocent person, who God can do wonders through if only we say yes. And each of us has a particular role to play in God’s plan, one which can never be done by someone else.

When we set our objectives; daily, weekly, and monthly, we are doing our best to play the part given to us by being deliberate in how we use our gifts. Our individual yes is that much more powerful when we do so using our heart, our soul, and our might and applying our intellect to our gifts is reflective of the level of our might.

Let’s really proclaim our Lady’s queenship today.

– Christine & Amy

Heart of Mary – Queen of Heaven Icon courtesy of Sacred Image Icons 

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