A Love Blessed Through Tragedy

A Love Blessed Through Tragedy

Love Amidst War

We hear it said over and over again how God uses even the worst of tragedies to bring about good, but we don’t often get to witness those results. This past Memorial Day I realized I am living proof of a very real and concrete example of this manifested in my own life. I was thinking about my father who had served in the Royal Air Force in WWII and about all the sadness that he and my mother witnessed in the lives of many people near and dear to them.

But then I had an epiphany: had it not been for the war, my mother and father would have never met!

She was American and he was British, stationed in Canada during the war. He and his friends were invited to a party in Cleveland, Ohio, on one of their weekend leaves. This is where he met and fell in love with my mother. They were married less than six months later.

An Unending Love That Lives On

I know theirs is not the only love story born of WWII, and I am personally grateful for all those who gave their lives, allowing for many beautiful families to be born out of this sad time in history. My heart is so full of gratitude for the unending love, hard work and stability that my father provided for me and my seven brothers and sisters. I truly believe he is still responsible for much of our care from his seat in heaven today. If he were alive I have no doubt that he would proudly wear a My Saint My Hero Benedictine Blessing Bracelet. It would have given him a way to share his faith with others and a practical tool to stay grounded in prayer.

A picture of my dad and me: the first man I ever loved.

He always took the photos so, unfortunately, he was rarely in them. I treasure the few I do have of us together!


The Strength to be Fearless

The Strength to be Fearless

The Strength to Be Fearless
“I give you my strength.”
These were the last words my father whispered into my ear as his breath became labored.  A few hours later my dad passed from this world to the next and I sat in awe of the feeling of Heaven that filled the space. His transition was peaceful… and his last words directly to me mattered deeply. I give you my strength…. Those few words continue to echo in my heart. Whenever I feel completely weak and ready to throw in the towel, a strength starts to bubble inside and provides me the courage and inspiration to carry on…to be fearless, to be uniquely me and to find my own finish line to cross. My dad truly gave me his strength and Our Father provides the love and protection for me to be fearless.
 Fearless Father's Day Gifts
This June as we celebrate all fathers I am grateful for all the men I know that live fearlessly in love for their family and God above all things!
Happy Father’s Day!
Be Fearless! Send me a picture of your father or hubby or the man in your life wearing FEARLESS…I’ll start! This is my husband Anthony proudly wearing his.
I Am Enough

I Am Enough

You are enough…

It is so easy to say this to someone else, but it’s very tough for me to look at myself and truly believe “I am enough”. In my role as a mother of four, it is especially hard to feel like I can ever be the perfect mother that I have dreamed up that my children need. But then I look to my own mother who has eight children! I look to her as the perfect example of the mother that Mary must have been for Jesus. She is patient, understanding, forgiving, self–giving, never disappointed in me (even through all of my mistakes and faults), truly humble, and has incredible love for her children. She has proven this by sticking by each and every one of us, no matter what our situation.
My mother is 95 years old and sits in a recliner all day long. But I can honestly say, she is enough. Her life means something. She is valued by her eight children, 21 grandchildren, and 19 great grandchildren. The world may not see her value but those closest to her do. They approach her with dignity, respect, great honor and love…just as I imagine Jesus must have approached His mother.
As I sit and write this I look down at my Queen of the Universe Swarovski Crystal necklace. It is one of my favorite My Saint My Hero pieces because of its sheer beauty. It is a piece that honors all mothers and when I wear it I am able to sit in the knowing that… I am enough.
-Christine Rich // Co-Founder, CEO
Finding Peace as a Mother

Finding Peace as a Mother

Our Blessed Mother: My Peace

My daughter Caroline decided to attend university in Leeds, UK. When she shared this news with me, I ran to the Catholic Church in Leeds, got down on my knees, and prayed for my baby girl and for my heart.  Did I do enough as her mother? Is she ready for college? How can I help her if something happens and she is in the UK?  All these worries flooded my soul… Still on my knees I opened my eyes and looked up, and there right in front of me was a statue of Our Blessed Mother with her arms stretched towards me… she spoke to my heart… nurturing, loving, all present, and strong! I heard her say… “I’ve got her”… I AM her Mother and I will protect her, guide her and hold her close! Our Blessed Mother saw my heart, saw my worry and washed it clean with her grace and omnipotent love! She is everywhere -all the time- and she is the ultimate mother! I am safe to let my baby girl go because Mama Mary’s got her! I realize that I am simply her momentary mother during this short lifetime with my limited capacity, although my love for my children knows no limits. Our Blessed Mother carries our children when we cannot.  I am grateful and I remain in awe of the supernatural peace this truth brings me.  Thank you, Mama Mary!

My Peace…My Pieces

There are a few Blessing Bracelets that I never take off!

Why? Because I feel connected and grounded as I wear them. I feel the love that calms me and comfort in times of building anxiety.  Each piece has a story, and each one reminds me of a love or a prayer that connects me to my friends and family. I wear a purple silver Blessing Bracelet in memory of my dear friend’s son and also for my 16 year old friend Katherine who is seeking a cure for her ALS. I wear a black silver Blessing Bracelet in unity with my husband in prayer for our marriage and for all marriages. I wear a tan Scapular Bracelet as a tangible reminder of my pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Medjugorje. I wear a Blessings in Faith in the spirit of community with our entire My Saint My Hero sisterhood and brotherhood of faith. I wear a taupe Breathe Bracelet as a prayer partner with Caroline. Goodness, I know this sounds like a lot… however I also wear a Chain Breathe Bracelet to pray for all our pieces made in China and lastly I am wearing our new PEACELinks in prayer for an end to human trafficking.  That is my Litany of Prayer that I wear on my arm!

-Amy D’Ambra // Founder, President

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