Wow! It’s already the 4th Sunday of Lent! How is your Lent?

Are you broken? Is someone in your life broken? In my opinion, to say that one of us is not broken would be false. Each of us, has our own cross to bear, one just heavy enough to test our spirituality, but one that God knows is big and heavy enough for us individually, but it won’t break us completely. If we are wise enough to see what is broken within us we wouldn’t be here on earth. It’s that daunting of a question, one we should be spending most, if not all, of our lives pondering. Those of us wise enough to find the broken piece, well that is rare and special. We are here on earth to live life and strive to become a saint. God doesn’t send saints to earth, he sends broken and battered humans to earth to learn to be a saint so they can go home to the true kingdom. On Friday night, I attended an event as part of the 24 hours of Mercy at the Christ Cathedral in Orange, CA – hosted by 242 Revolution and The City Lights. Chris Muller, one of the founders of 242 Revolution said “God’s love is like a parent’s love for a baby, sticky face, dirty diaper and all- never ending and unconditional.”

Now enough of this surface stuff… I want to share some truth, that has not only been going on in my life, but in other’s at the office as well, maybe not all at one time, but it’s real – spiritual warfare. For me, I really didn’t completely get it until last week. With my whole heart I know that Satan is real, Satan does not want apostolates like ours and many others to strive. So after a long week with two shows and various events, I was drained, angry and wondering why. Especially since I LOVE shows and events, I LOVE seeing people who are on fire for the King of Kings just as much as we are. I enjoy hearing everyone’s story (and probably come off nosey and as if I am asking too many questions when I first met people, but I really just want to know each and everyone’s story). I finally felt that I was just being and doing, I couldn’t find the joy or happiness. I went to mass and was sitting waiting for the one little thing, just something. It didn’t need to be anything fancy, I just needed a reminder from God that solidified my why. Well, it came to me having a little bit of an argument with Satan, actually let’s be real, it went more like- “Satan, go back to Hell where you belong.” Which was later followed by me carrying a Statue of St. Michael around (ask the team, I kinda looked silly) but I wanted to remind myself and St. Michael that I was not just myself but WE ALL need him each and everyday.

I leave you with this, a prayer and a challenge:

– Heavenly Father I may be weak, but your Spirit is strong in me. My flesh may fail, my God you never will. I’m broken inside, I give you my life. I need you to pierce through the dark and cleanse every part of me. Amen.

– This week- I challenge you to go to Confession, Christ will take the cross for all of our sins in just a few short weeks, go seek His Mercy that is so abundant. If you just went to Confession, go again. Even just for the spiritual guidance and direction, and the graces that tend to flow from confession. But most importantly- ABIDE in Him.

Have a blessed week, I will be ending my week in Arizona with 200 women, preparing our hearts for Easter at the Blessed is She retreat. Please pray for each and every woman coming, their families who will be without them, and everyone leading and preparing for this retreat.

I AM true… I AM good… I AM beautiful… I AM blessed… I WILL Abide in Him.

TeresaI who am broken, was restored. - Saint Gregory of Narek -

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