What a blessing to share these last few days in the Month of Mary with my four children at the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock – attempting to follow Our Blessed Mother’s example of leading her children to her Son. – Christine Rich

My Saint My Hero is privileged and grateful to have Father John Bartunek, LC, ThD as our spiritual director. You have read his words that grace many of our product cards. Father Bartunek is a writer, a professor, provided spiritual support on the set of  The Passion of the Christ and continues to inspire through his ministry. To learn more about Father Bartunek and his retreat guides that help you go deeper in your relationship with God, please visit  RCSpirituality.com. 

We wanted to share his beautiful post on this last week of the Month of Mary

I have some cousins with children who were born extremely premature – 26 weeks, 28 weeks. These tiny babies are so fragile, so dependent, so vulnerable. The world that they are born in to is simply much too big for them. In their weeks of incubation, they get stronger little by little, but there are always numerous, delicate touch and go situations. In times when these tiny children begin to enter a crisis, their hearts beat speedily and irregularly, which negatively affects their breathing and all their other bodily systems.
The best treatment for these moments, so I am told, is nothing technical or scientific. Rather, the tiny infant is placed in its mother’s arms, and the skin of the baby’s breast is placed directly on the skin of the mother’s breast. Soon, the baby’s heartbeat regularizes and synchronizes with the mother’s, and peace and health are restored.
Mary is our spiritual mother. We are like those infants, born into this fallen, broken world with natures wounded and vulnerable because of original sin.  As we journey towards spiritual maturity, we enter so many crises, so many struggles and temptations and adverse circumstances. In those times especially we need to bare our souls to Mary, pressing our wounded hearts close up against her Immaculate heart with a simple prayer, a sigh, a spiritual gaze into her loving eyes. Then the Queen of Peace and Refuge of Sinners will bring us back to peace and health, renewing our strength and bringing us grace.
May is Mary’s month, a time to remember all of this and focus in on it. It is my sincere hope and prayer that RCSpirituality’s three Marian Retreat Guides [Welcoming the Word, River of Wisdom, A Mother’s Tears] will help you do just that. If you have seen them before, watch them again, and if you haven’t, dip into them as a way to jump start your relationship with our Mother in the order of grace.
May God bless you and keep you!
Yours sincerely in Christ,
 Fr. John Bartunek, LC

My Saint My Hero Spiritual Advisor Father John Bartunek


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