Amy D'Ambra and Shawn Killinger on PM Style with Shawn Killinger on QVC December, 2015

Hi everyone, my name is Teresa. I wish I would have had the chance to stop and share with you last week to start Advent. But it’s better late than never. Right? I cannot believe that we are already preparing our hearts for the birth of our Savior. Not only is our Savior’s birth approaching quite quickly, let’s remember that today we celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (oh yeah and don’t forget to get to mass – it is a Holy Day of Obligation) and the beginning of the Year of Mercy!

But first I have a message from Amy, who had the opportunity to welcome thousands of people into our community of prayer on QVC last night.

Amy D'Ambra on PM Style with Shawn Killinger QVC

A night at QVC. Wow! What a community of incredible people amplifying the story of products for the whole world to see on TV! From
the very first day I arrived in Philadelphia for media training, I was told, QVC is a community, we chat over the backyard fence to all our friends and viewers. There are millions of viewers and we care what SHE thinks, we share with her products we love!

At first glance all I saw was a black camera box staring at me with a blaring red light on top, and now I see Her! Thank you QVC community for embracing My Saint My Hero and bringing us into your fold. We are truly honored and blessed to have this venue to share our story… the story of Medjugorje… the story of Faith, the story of Truth, Beauty and Love!

Last night we shared our Divine Blessing Pearl Bracelet… Tomorrow we share our beautiful SOAR Wing “In Remembrance” woven bracelet and on Friday we might have a surprise show…

May everyone who receives a Gift of a Blessing feel the love and prayers that are woven into each one of these pieces! May we all remember… I Am True, I Am Good, I Am Beautiful, I Am Blessed! AMEN
Merry Christmas to you!

Let’s stop for a minute and reflect on what we are celebrating today. If Mary had not been conceived without original sin, how would she have been prepared to say “YES!” to the Angel Gabriel, to be the mother of the Jesus Christ?

I know as Catholics we get a bad rap for “worshiping” Mary when really we are not worshiping her, but seeking her wisdom, to salvation and the truest desire of everyone’s heart – Heaven!

I invite everyone to join us today in stopping and saying a prayer of thanksgiving to our Blessed Mother, and better yet, I challenge you to stop and pray a rosary today in thanksgiving for her Fiat!

In Prayer, Teresa

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